Vlad Vladikoff (also known as Vlad) is a major villain in the 2008 animated film Horton Hears a Who. He is voiced by Will Arnett.

Vlad is extremely clumsy, and has a slight thick Russian accent. Despite originally appearing in the 1954 Dr. Seuss book and the 1970 TV special as an eagle, he appears as an vulture in the film.

Role in the filmEdit

Vlad is a large, black-feathered carnivorous vulture who lives in a dark part of the Jungle of Nool, using a tree stump at a swamp surrounded by thorns as his liar and feasting on the carcass of an animal (namely, a zebra). There's a confusing matter about which Vlad is the Bad Vlad or the Bunny Vlad (the one who makes the cookies), but Horton implies that he knows both Vlads.

In the film, Sour Kangaroo visits Vlad's lair, and requests his help in getting rid of the clover Horton is carrying (whereupon a speck containing the city of Whoville inhabited by Whos is placed). At first, Vlad agrees to do it in exchange for a brand-new pair of objects that he never specified beforehand, but he wants her son Rudy. Not wanting to give up her son, Sour Kangaroo thinks it over, and demands that Vlad instead should get rid of both the clover and the speck for free through reverse psychology. Vlad immediately agrees, and flies off to do his job.

Vlad eventually finds Horton, and tries to attack him, but gets outwitted as Horton flees from him. Eventually cornering him at a tree planted on the edge of a short ditch (which Horton bends), Vlad attempts to grab the clover, but Horton lets go of the tree, which smacks into Vlad, sending him flying towards a cliff's wall, where he crashes onto.

Vlad eventually reappears, easily snatching the clover away from Horton, who then calls for help. The ones whom Horton seeks for help turn out to be none other than the Lion Guard, who accompany Horton as he chases Vlad up the mountains, determined the get the clover back. Eventually, the Lion Guard use some vines to tie Vlad up whilst connecting him to a large boulder, and Ono steals the clover back from him, safely delivering it to Horton. Kion then uses the Roar of the Elders to launch the rock, dragging Vlad towards a valley full of clovers that look exactly like the clover with the speck on it Horton now has. Although Vlad hits the ground, Beshte manages to stop the rock from falling on top of him, as Kion bites Vlad in the neck while Beshte is sitting on Vlad. Once Vlad begins to die (as he's no longer able to breathe), Kion and Beshte get off him, and the rock crushes Vlad to death as his corpse falls underground.